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Here we have a sleeping KLR

Right now he is home in my garage in ready to ride condition.

2008.. yeah the bad year for KLRs, she burns oil. Perfect for a big bore kit at the end of this season.

Owned for over a year. I have done 5k on it and replaced chain & sprockets and obviously kept the oil topped up. A few logging roads but mainly highway miles with no issues.

New set of tires ready and waiting.

Geared for highway so front sprocket change would be required for off road riding.

Its not the pretiest or the best KLR but looks and rides pretty damn well.

Is the Doohicky done? I dunno. Will take a look in spring if I keep it.

Hasnt been messed with, all original to my knowledge.

The photo above is the only time I dropped it and it was at no speed so just scuffed plastics.

Located on Vancouver Island

Approx 35k Great bike no offers


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Great bike no offers

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